ASTONDOA | Santa Pola, Spain

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Astondoa, a revered Spanish yachting company, stands as a testament to four generations of family-operated excellence, with over a century of shipbuilding experience to their name. Founded on the pillars of professionalism, reliability, and uncompromising quality, Astondoa continues to lead the yachting industry with a steadfast commitment to technological advancements, innovative design, and a future-focused approach.

What sets Astondoa apart is its unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of yacht construction. Embodying a hands-on approach, the company performs every task at their shipyard, from woodwork to mechanical, polyester, and upholstery processes, carried out meticulously by their skilled staff.

Each Astondoa yacht is a masterpiece of passion and creativity, meticulously designed to cater to the unique preferences of its owner. With acute attention to detail, no two Astondoa yachts are alike, as they prioritize customization over mass production. This focus on creating exclusive and bespoke vessels enriches their work, resonating with clients who hold a keen appreciation for individuality, quality, and exceptional value.

Through its extensive history, Astondoa has established itself as a renowned name in the industry, with an enduring legacy rooted in crafting exceptional yachts that epitomize elegance and luxury. As they continue to embrace modernity while honoring their heritage, Astondoa remains synonymous with excellence in the world of yachting.

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