AZIMUT YACHTS | Avigliana, Viareggio, La Spezia, Italy

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Azimut Yachts is specialized in building planning yachts from 10 to 37 m. The brand has organized its production into 5 different collections.

The Italian manufacturer of luxury yachts, Azimut, was established in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli and is based near Turin in Avigliana. Initially operating in chartering sailboats, the Azimut brand has developed to become one of the largest luxury yacht manufacturers today.

Azimut quickly expanded its operations: Apart from distribution, it began to design new yachts. In a joint venture with Amerglass, it designed the AZ 43’ Bali, a mass-produced fiberglass boat, which was an immediate success. The company gradually expanded its range, focusing on the lower end of the market – with the launch of the AZ 32’ Targa in 1977, the “Ford T” of the boating world – and the upper end too – (with the memorable début of the Azimut 105’ Failaka in 1982, the biggest mass-produced yacht in fiberglass at the time).

After the first major contract at the shipyard of Amerglass, a modern Dutch shipyard producing boats in fiberglass, other successful contracts with Westerly, British Powles, and Draco, who appointed Azimut Yachts to distribute their own boats in Italy. Soon after the success of these projects, Azimut Yachts started to build and market Azimut yachts for sale.

In 1985 Azimut successfully merged with another luxury boat-building company Benetti. The design and construction of power boats and luxury motor boats have led Azimut -Benetti to become one of the leading builders of custom superyachts globally.

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