From Alaska in the top north west and the coasts of Canada, to New England on America’s east coast, Florida, and California in the west, North America is a bountiful continent with vastly varied cruising grounds.

On the North-eastern shores, the rugged, sometimes dramatic coastline has been defined and shaped by the Atlantic Ocean for millennia. From the craggy coastline of New England, steeped in maritime history with its picture perfect bays and towns whose beautiful architecture draws admiration, to the warm climes and calmer waters of the Florida coast. On just one side of this vast continent your North America yacht charter options are vast. In the middle of the country, the unsuspecting Great Lakes are home to summer resort towns and all-American experiences. While over on the West Coast everyone should surely experience the breath-taking nature of an Pacific Northwest sailing experience at least once in a lifetime.


New England is the American classic with a history that takes you from the arrival of the Pilgrims through to the Kennedys as well as the Vanderbilts. It remains the summer playground of East Coast America’s smartest families who appreciate the heritage and maritime history. On a New England yacht charter, you will discover picture perfect towns that dot the rocky coast and dish up the best lobsters and chowder you can imagine, with a side order of Newport, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard gallery and boutique shopping. Stop at Newport, the gem of coastal New England, and hike along the spectacular Atlantic coastline on Newport’s Cliff Walk. Catch in the famous Newport Mansions and admire the unusual wildflowers, birds and geology along the way. The vast menu of picturesque charm on this voyage is hard to beat.


Alaska’s southern coast is truly wild: sheer drops from mountain tops to the sea; teal-blue glaciers; wandering grizzlies; wolves; whales. Explore ashore to experience this wild and wonderful place. Find yourself in one of the most remote parts of North America on a charter in Alaska and take a front-row seat to marvel at the wonders of nature that this region bestows. Guests on board yacht charters in North America will be spoiled for choice in this treasure trove for outdoor lovers, with trips including a saunter through fiords and an expedition to some of the most extreme heli-skiing terrain in the world. Alaska is also a starting or ending point for an unforgettable voyage through the Northwest Passage, a once-in-a-lifetime trip which is becoming increasingly popular with those looking to push the limits of luxury yacht travel.