What Northern Europe may lack in temperature, it makes up for with history, culture and huge landscapes of unspoiled beauty. This increasingly popular area for yacht charter has created die-hard fans of all those who have ventured north to explore from this unique perspective afloat. The summer months are the best time to visit, when the days are long and the climate balmier. Sitting at anchor in a secluded Norwegian fjord with the near-midnight sun casting long shadows onto the imposing cliffs, you couldn’t imagine yourself wanting to be on a yacht charter anywhere else.


The Baltic includes cities and sites of such contrast that few places anywhere could provide such a concentration of culture, cuisines, and city life. Stockholm, a city of 3000 islands and some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the world, Helsinki, a city of chic culture and St Petersburg, with world class ballet and galleries.


Up here heliskiing is as remote and exclusive as it comes, and with the fjords and the sea glittering below and the sun shining above, you’ll be hard pressed to find something closer to the spiritual home of the sport. Go sea fishing and have the chance to catch redfish and catfish. Helicopter to the top of one of the oldest glaciers in the world for an unparalleled BBQ experience under the midnight sun.


The Norwegian Fjords showcase the most dramatic results of the ice age, with some of the world’s deepest fjords and glaciers carved high into these mountains. Aside from soaking up the scenery from below, why not take to the skies paragliding from the mountains down to the shore, or hike to waterfalls and enjoy luxury lunches in deserted huts known only to your guides. Go fishing for cod and halibut on a specially chartered local vessel before bringing your catch to a private island where your chef will create a luscious meal. If cruising with a family, you can investigate the lives of the Vikings and learn what village life was like for the legendary explorers, even learn how to make a traditional wooden longboat or for the science minded, try out being an archaeologist for a day with experts to guide you in the techniques needed to unearth artefacts from history.


Though often overlooked for its more tropical Mediterranean neighbours, a UK luxury yacht charter is one of the most rewarding yachting adventures out there. The United Kingdom boasts a maritime heritage dating back centuries. A luxury yacht holiday along the British coast provides diverse charter destinations, exceptional marinas and unique anchorage spots: from the metropolises of London and Edinburgh to the spectacular coastal retreats of Cornwall, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. In addition to excellent yacht facilities and easy cruising distances, one of the many beauties of cruising in the UK is the long summer days. Take advantage of the opportunities for long, warm evenings enjoying the best of the yacht life with family and friends.