PERSHING YACHTS | Mondolfo, Italy


Based in Mondolfo, Italy, luxury yacht builder Pershing builds high-performance composite motor yachts from 14.24 to 35 meters in length. Pershing is owned by the major Italian boat-building company Ferretti Group.

Luxury yacht builder Pershing was founded in 1981 by Italian entrepreneurs Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti, and Giuliano Onori, who established the shipyard as Cantiere Navale dell’Adriatico. In 1985, the founders collaborated with yacht designer Fulvio De Simone on their first performance luxury motor yacht model, the Pershing 45. This fast motor yacht launched the Pershing luxury yacht range, named after the Pershing missile to denote its high-performance design concept.

Luxury yacht builder Pershing joined the Ferretti Group in 1998, and the size of the Pershing luxury performance yachts continued to grow. In 2012, the Chinese Shandong Heavy Industry Group – Weichai Group acquired a 75 percent interest in the Ferretti Group, including luxury yacht builder Pershing.