The famous Florentine designer, Luca Dini, has left his mark on the yacht world over the past twenty-five years. With his abundance of experience and growing knowledge, his approach to work and projects is still the same. For each project, the designer works closely with people at the shipyards in order to fulfill the dreams of the client.

In recent years, Dini has devoted his time to experimenting with cutting-edge technology, new materials, and methods. Dino quotes that “palaces, luxury villas, and large private residences are our new professional challenge. When you’re designing a house, the structural project is very different from what we usually do with yachts but my collaborators are such versatile professionals who are able to offer a high level of excellence no matter what is the subject of their work”. Imperial and Luca Dini collaborated closely on different projects such as MANIFIQ (40.5m) and LEGENDA (41.4m) during her refit. Dini impresses with his interior style which exudes Italian design excellence. He creates environments that are harmonious and beautiful.