One of the most famous designers in the world, Philippe Starck, has had a diverse number of projects over the years. However, his superyacht fleet is a true reflection of his talents and passion for the sea. His yachting creations emerged after a successful career in architecture and design. His creations gather several exemplary objects in the late 70’s including a floating lamp as well as collaborations with the biggest design manufacturers in Italy.

Philippe Starck’s priority is to revolutionize the usage and functionality of the architecture. To combine simplicity, discretion, and harmony with nature. His work is always conceptual, he questions how it will improve their life and way of thinking. Starck hand draws all his projects down to the tiniest detail and works with the vast knowledge shipyards have. He pushes their conservative boundaries by taking design risks and innovative decisions to create some of the world’s most abstract superyachts.

Starck’s creations include some of the most iconic superyachts such as the famous SAILING YACHT A (Nobiskrug 142.81m).