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Hundreds of years of Finnish boat building tradition, Nautor’s Swan was born out of an inspiration. Despite the challenging environment around the small town of Pietarsaari, where temperatures can fall to -30 C in the depths of winter and the sea can be frozen for up to five months of the year, Pekka Koskenkyla its founder had a vision to start producing high-quality and high performance sailing yachts, made for those passionate about cruising and racing, searching for the contact with the water and nature.
Since 1966, Nautor’s Swan is proud of the unmatched quality in the production of the most loved sail boats in the world, a fully integrated in-house building process, from the design to the finest details and final testing before the handover of each yacht to its owners. Today, the advanced Boatbuilding Technology Center, known as BTC, marks the line of the company process of expansion. Started in 2017, Opened its doors after almost 2 years of extension on 9.935 sqm of facilities dedicated to the new joinery, high-tech lamination operations with an oven for post curing, halls for painting, grinding and polishing as well as areas for warehousing and logistics.
All manufacturing activities are now located in the same place and imply a better organization and logistic operations with a gain in efficiency and quality. In fact, the proximity between the engineering department and manufacturing allows a proficiency upgrade in our production. In Kållby the Plug & Mould facility will still remain, most of our plugs and moulds are milled out in a huge robot milling line.
The hulls of the smaller cruising yachts are hand laid-up and vacuum-infused, while the bigger models are made in foam-cored carbon, the attention to quality and weight saving here is extremely impressive.
The composite constructions in Maxi hulls is a combination of pre-preg and Sprint material. The BTC is a modern, functional and captivating showcase for customers and prospects visiting Nautor’s Swan yard.
All this will maximize the interaction among naval architect, engineers, and boat builders!

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