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Vripack Yachting International is the naval architecture and yacht engineer behind several breathtaking yachts for sale. Its diverse and highly-professional team of designers also specializes in interior engineering. Since the 1960s the design company has worked on over 7000 yachts and prides itself on having a holistic design approach. All yachts designed by the firm are expertly crafted with attention to detail and have been constructed to perfection.

Dutch design studio and naval architecture firm Vripack has several years of experience, having been founded in the 1960s and working on a large number of projects, and is known for producing high-quality yachts to cruise all over the world. Working on many expedition and explorer yachts, the firm focuses on a holistic design approach in order to produce the best design solutions for the projects they undertake. One example of their work is the charming BELUGA.