ALTINEL is one of the most active superyacht brokerage house and has the most successful superyacht charter fleet in the industry.

ALTINEL has a dedicated in-house marketing team which works closely with our central agency teams to ensure your yacht is presented in the right way to the right people.

Your yacht will benefit from a bespoke marketing campaign that delivers commercial advantage in a competitive marketplace.

To support your sale, we make your superyacht stand out from a crowded fleet through targeted, high impact marketing. ALTINEL yachts enjoy key advertising in international publications, along with our own internal media channels, such as the website you are reading now and our peerless press contacts.

ALTINEL works hard to give all our yachts a competitive edge, highlighting the value of our yachts for sale based on the quality, condition, history, pedigree and ‘dock appeal’ to leverage competitiveness.

The factors of price and time are important in the sale of a superyacht, but we offer more sophisticated guidance to our owners than simply cutting prices to gain interest. The key sales time for any superyacht is the when it first comes to market and our brokerage team will always focus on highlighting the real stand-out features and conveying them against a price that maximizes the yacht’s value.

You can be part of the best sales and marketing program in the business


With 18 brokers located in six major cities and speaking 25 different languages we are able to assist clients from just about everywhere including Europe, America, Russia, Asia, and Scandinavia plus Central and South America.  Their extensive knowledge will ensure that they can advise you not just on the best yacht but also the best location for your dream holiday.


Our Charter Managers have extensive experience in their field, many of them having worked in the industry for decades. They all have excellent relationships with retail charter brokers around the world and will assist you to capitalise on the charter potential of your vessel according to your requirements. We welcome their enquiries as well as proactively update them on our fleet status ensuring maximum bookings for our charter fleet.


We have one of the largest fleets of superyachts under charter management, covering a range of sizes from 20m to nearly 100m. Many of these yachts have been in our fleet for many years, including multiple yachts under the same owner. Access to such a large fleet of quality superyachts enables us to make a high percentage of in-house bookings enabling a much smoother negotiation process. If a suitable yacht cannot be found in our fleet our brokers have access to over a thousand more, guaranteeing that we will always find the perfect yacht for you.


With charter regulation and VAT application developing on a continuous basis, it is becoming ever more apparent that a professional and up-to-date expertise is required. From financial reporting to the supervision of charter legislation, our team has the specific knowledge to deliver the highest calibre of support. With effective communication, the charter manager will give the owner the peace of mind that the yacht is operating safely and efficiently.