Arcadia Yachts | Napoli, Italy


Arcadia Yachts LogoHeadquartered in Naples, Italy, Arcadia Yachts stands as a pioneering force, seamlessly uniting innovation, ethical principles, and environmental stewardship within the realm of semi-custom luxury composite yacht construction.

Established in 2008, the genesis of Arcadia Yachts was driven by a visionary assembly of yachting industry leaders who sought to manifest an “Ecological Dream.” The shipyard’s nomenclature draws inspiration from a mythical realm where humanity coexists harmoniously with the encompassing spirit of nature.

The inaugural foray into luxury yacht crafting culminated in the unveiling of the Arcadia 85 Solar (renamed Good Life) in 2010. Designed by Francesco Guida, this 25.9-meter masterpiece embodies the ethos of the shipyard. Adorned with an array of solar panels, meticulously integrated to replenish the vessel’s onboard batteries, the vessel also boasts a hybrid diesel/electric powertrain. Evidencing its environmental commitment, it has the capacity to operate silently on electric propulsion alone, achieving speeds of up to 8 knots.

Continuing its legacy, Arcadia Yachts proudly presented the Arcadia 115, christened M’Ocean, in 2012. Measuring 35 meters, it inherits the futuristic exterior aesthetics envisioned by Francesco Guida, where solar panels seamlessly meld into the hull. The interior, an eloquent expression of contemporary elegance, also bears the artistic signature of Francesco Guida’s Design.

The shipyard’s proficiency lies in crafting semi-custom luxury yachts from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), meticulously designed to minimize ecological impact. From its foundational expertise, Arcadia Yachts offers an array of superyacht blueprints, scaling up to an impressive 54.86 meters.


Arcadia’s unique creations and masterpieces