Superb powder-white beaches, stunning coral reefs, lush tropical vegetation and crystal-clear seas epitomise the picture-postcard beauty of the Indian Ocean. There are wonderful reasons why its islands are the stuff of travel dreams, and what better way to experience these oceanic havens than by yacht, carefully circumnavigating each island and exploring every pristine bay and reef.


You have to make the most of the beaches and scuba sites that surround the 155 islands that make up the Seychelles. Shark Bank and Trompeuse Rocks are highlyrated and depending on the time of year visibility can be up to 30 m.

This charming set of islands has a fascinating cultural mélange in the Indian Ocean, with beaches straight off a film set and many unique species of plant and animal. There’s no better way to explore the archipelago than by luxury yacht charter.

Located some 600 miles to the north-east of Kenya, the Seychelles are spread across 100 small islands in the Indian Ocean. The four main islands are Mahé, Praslin, Le Digue and Silhouette. A great point of embarkation is St Anne on Praslin island, and from here you can set sail onto a magical Seychelles yacht charter that takes in crystal-clear waters above lively coral reefs, prehistoric forests of giant coco de mer palm and quaint island villages inhabited by fishermen and farmers.


Escape the pressures of everyday life on a peaceful retreat on a Maldives yacht charter. As soon as you set foot on board your superyacht, the tempo will slow, awakening your senses to the stunning beauty of remote atolls, idyllic sunsets and waters teeming with wildlife.

Encompassing 1,100 islands, the best way to explore the Maldives is undoubtedly by superyacht charter. Best known for its bright turquoise waters and remote anchorages off uninhabited atolls, the Maldives is a superlative tropical paradise. Starting in the capital Malé, explore the island’s bustling fish market and the coral Old Mosque, built in the 17th century. Nature lovers will head to the Kuda Bandos tropical forest to discover the unique Maldives flora and fauna. But the trump card of the Maldives has to be its water, whether you are kite-surfing above the surface or scuba diving beneath it.