FINCANTIERI | La Spezia - Italy

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Fincantieri, a titan in the shipbuilding realm, commands global admiration as one of the largest military and commercial shipyard groups. With unrivaled technological expertise, it proudly crafts awe-inspiring superyachts that redefine luxury on a grand scale.

History: Established in 1959, Fincantieri’s roots extend deep into Italian shipbuilding heritage. Evolving from a financial holding company to an operational giant through strategic mergers in 1984, it cemented its status as a shipbuilding powerhouse. The acquisition of the Norwegian group VARD in 2013 further fortified its position, enabling the creation of diverse vessels, from submarines to fast ferries and imposing cruise ships.

Headquarters and Capabilities: Fincantieri’s yacht-building mastery thrives at the Muggiano Shipyard, an Italian naval base founded in 1983 near Genoa. Its state-of-the-art facilities, including a remarkable 170-meter hanger, facilitate the construction of superyachts with virtually limitless lengths, exemplifying the epitome of craftsmanship.

Notable Yachts: Among its illustrious portfolio, Fincantieri delivered the groundbreaking high-speed superyacht Destriero in 1991, achieving a remarkable world speed record of 53.1 knots during a transatlantic crossing without refueling. Another awe-inspiring creation, the 134-meter Serene launched in 2011, stands as an exemplary fusion of advanced engineering and sublime design, featuring luxurious amenities like a submarine hangar and an indoor seawater pool doubling as a tender bay.

Fincantieri Yachts specializes in crafting superyachts exceeding 60 meters, encompassing the SOLAS classification. Powered by a dedicated Yacht Design Centre, Fincantieri collaborates with renowned yacht designers to curate entirely bespoke new builds. Boasting two shipyards, including a Special Projects facility in Trieste, Fincantieri seamlessly offers a comprehensive array of luxury yacht services, from design and development to construction, refit, and unwavering support.

With an unrivaled legacy, unmatched craftsmanship, and a commitment to technological innovation, Fincantieri perpetuates its reign as a world leader, elevating the yachting industry to astonishing new heights.