Mark Berryman opened his own design agency, Mark Berryman Design, in 2007. This is the result of eleven years of working for top UK yacht design companies. Since his start, the designer has been involved in more than twenty-five projects and over ten land-based projects worldwide. He has an open-minded way of thinking which make him a pioneer within the industry.

The latest trends within yachting interiors don’t tend to draw him. As a matter of fact, Mark Berryman strives to be different from his competitors. His source of inspiration is all things Asian, especially Japanese. He discovers a great sense of calm in both interior and garden spaces in Japanese homes, that put you in a different head space. He finds aspiration through Danish furniture, in particular Hans Wegner, due to the clean lines and natural materials used. By fusing all his inspirations, he is able to fuse and develop a different approach to design. Creating a calm interior and using integrated planting indoors is his signature. It adds a sense of life and softness to the space.

Together with Imperial, Berryman designed the charming ARKLEY (60m), the remarkable Project 783 (73.50m), the speedy support vessel 6.7.11(67m), and most recently, the marvelous FLYING FOX (136m) with its beautiful contemporary and light interior, a signature of Mark Berryman Design.