Officina Italiana Design first opened its doors in 1994. Co-founded by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, the studio has long links to the famous Riva yard, with which it has worked for over two decades. Officina Italiana Design is responsible for the exterior lines and interior design of all of Riva’s contemporary models.

Clean lines, meticulous attention to detail, beautifully balanced volumes, materials, and colors selected with trademark flair are the signatures of a studio that focuses on creating elegant, innovative, timeless products. Officina Italiana Design applies the same principles to a wide range of different contexts, including interior design, industrial design, and custom projects. They are also the cornerstones of its collaboration with Sanlorenzo which commenced in 2014 when the yard selected Officina Italiana Design to design six new models, including the planning SL86 and SL76.