RWD DESIGN - England


RWD has been committed to their client’s vision since 1993, completing over seventy impressive yachts. The studio’s portfolio includes one of the world’s largest royal yachts at 155m. Having worked with many of the finest yacht builders, RWD has expert knowledge of all elements’ interior and exterior.

The team RWD’s innovative approach, passion for integrity, and attention to detail form the cornerstones of their core values. This, combined with the ability to balance functionality and impeccable craftsmanship gives the company an edge. When designing a superyacht from the studio may not always be centered around the drawing board. The team pays attention to creating a bespoke yacht that is engaging, fascinating, and as much fun as possible. Enjoying the journey is a very important part of it.

RWD’s extensive insight and progressive mindset mean the studio embraces new technologies and techniques in manufacturing to create highly specialized details and finishes. It also enables the team to work with great artisans who are specialists in their field.